12 March, 2020

After much consideration, we have decided that it is in everyone's best interest to postpone our event.

We plan to reschedule once we know more. 

11 March, 2020

Wood You Wear

Bob Gunther, Woodturner (aka Wood You Wear) is looking forward to this weekend. Here is a sneak peek at some of the earrings he's been working on.


06 March, 2020

Waase Lacie George

WAASE'AABINOKWE n'dizhnikaaz
Mzhiikenh doodem
Kikonaang miinwaa Saugeen doonjibaa
Anishnaabe Kwe niin daaw

WAASE is an accessories line designed and fabricated by Waase'aabinokwe, a.k.a Lacie George.
Using a variety of salvaged and cast off materials, juxtaposed with primitive painting techniques, Lacie creates one of a kind pieces of contemporary wearable art. Copper, deer hide, driftwood and bone are favoured materials you'll find in the WAASE collection.

05 March, 2020


With my fine art background, including textile studies, I use my love of nature and fabric for inspiration. Wearable art appeals to my practical side while allowing for limitless creativity. The enjoyment I receive from revamping 

memorabilia and recyclables into practicalities is a challenge

 as fulfilling as creating anew. My work is anywhere from 

practical to zany. Jeanne - Marie 

01 March, 2020

Mary MacVoy, Wearable Art and Illustration

Mary MacVoy Wearable Art & Illustration
Felted micro-embroidered Wool Beads, Handmade Lampwork Glass Beads, Mixed Media with miniature drawings and paintings.
Mary's inspiration comes as a reaction to the results of the Industrial Revolutions, whereby now TIME is a precious commodity and materials are more easily sourced. This Wearable Art is a testament to patience and mastery of hand skills. Each piece is a unique collect-able.

Ellen Mallett