29 February, 2020

Ardath Unicreations

As a knitter, fashion designer, writer and painter,Ardath’s art has been evolving over many years as she experimented with fibres, textures, freeform design and colour blending.Her hand knitted garments are fanciful, and like her distinguishing unicorn logo, are mysteriously beautiful, seem to live forever and can be worn to dance on moon beams or for a stylish presence anywhere.

Her art has been influenced by her Icelandic heritage, her family ,her travels, living in creative community ,her many teachers and her own Spiritual journey.

Each wearable art piece created by Ardath tells a story, incorporating textures other than fibres.Each piece is as unique as the wearer and brings a sense of the wearer’s personal style.Each garment has been hand knitted using a blend of natural and synthetic fibres and is meant to embrace the energy of the person it enfolds. 

Her art has been displayed in numerous art shows in Ontario and Manitoba and her art is hung or worn in other countries. One commissioned piece was for the first female President of Iceland and depicted Mother Sea,Fire and Ice.

Ardath believes that we are all born with creative energy and her Feelings and Fibres ,creative process workshops provide a consistent message of empowerment as this creative energy is unlocked, remembered  or re-discovered by participants enrolled in her classes.

Ardath’s watercolour paintings include poetry and fibre and have become popular as reproductions in the form of greeting cards and prints for hanging.

It is a delight to be a part of this Wearable Art Show.

20 February, 2020

AnnaK's Jewellery

Jewellery is a great way to express your unique individuality.

Anna K.’s Jewellery collection has the finest materials 
with Swarovski crystals, Venetian glass, Sterling and Bali solid 
silver plus Gold filled metals. 
These materials are coordinated and suspended to create a 
bit of dazzle and shimmer……..everything a lady needs 
in her life.
There is a pair of beautiful earrings waiting just for you!

Mary Downs, Re-United Designs

18 February, 2020

Klas Squared, Lori Schmidke

Klas Squared designs contemporary jewelry that combines femininity and power into wearable pieces for work, day and play. Each handcrafted piece is brought to life from a palette of Swarovski crystals and pearls, sterling silver and semiprecious stones.

09 February, 2020

Pink Polka Dot

Since 2012, owner and designer Tracy Roefs has been creating unique, hand crafted clothing and accessories in London, Ontario. Tracy finds inspiration for her designs in the beauty of day to day life, and with the materials she creates with. Tracy believes that what you wear and how you feel in it is so important. It is an expression of yourself and what you want to share with the world. She strives to create pieces that make you feel beautiful and comfortable.

08 February, 2020

Arale Vallely

Arale is about all things silk. From paintings and wall hangings to unique silk jewelry and wearables, she enjoys exploring the medium and new ways to utilize/display silk in art. Silk excels in capturing vibrant colors, which she uses to portray interesting subjects from her experiences in Asia, the Middle East, and North America. Arale also undertakes commission work, producing bespoke works for client needs.

In the wearable show, you will see a wide variety of her silk wearables – scarves, ties, necklaces and more. Each piece is uniquely designed and hand painted.  They make great gifts for any special occasion. You can even custom order a piece for your special ones. 

07 February, 2020

Wright by Design

Lisa and Pete are life partners as well as business partners.
Having apprenticed under a master furrier, Peter has worked in the industry for over 25 years.

Lisa has a vast theatrical wardrobe background. She has a diploma in fashion design. Lisa has worked at Livent, Banff Theatre Centre and The Stratford Festival as a Master Tailor. Lisa is presently Head of Wardrobe at The Grand Theatre in London Ontario, Canada.

Lisa and Pete have combined their expertise to create fine fabric, fur and upcycled fur creations.

Custom work can be done in their in house studio.

Wright by Design welcomes the newest member to their team, their son Matheo!  He is excited to participate in this year's Wearable Art Sale and to show off his work! Stop by and say "hi"!

Adornments by J

Adornments by J

Timeless artisanal jewellery featuring intricate multi-cultural motifs, created with precious metals and semi-precious gemstones.

Timeless artisanal jewellery featuring intricate multi-cultural motifs, created with precious metals and semi-precious gemstones.

04 February, 2020

Plumage by PaddyK

Plumage by PaddyK

Plumage Studio by PaddyK is a small, family run business that designs and makes beautiful accessories in London, Ontario. Handbags and purses are made in genuine leather, accented with fine fabrics. Hats, scarves, belts and some clothing pieces are created in house from wool, silk, linen, and cotton.