28 January, 2019

Lyn Tremblay

Lyn combines the versatility of polymer clay with her own sense of artistic expression to create works of wearable art. Individual beads, which start as a piece of raw polymer clay in the hands of the artist, undergo a variety of techniques on their way to becoming unique pieces of jewellery.
The clay itself is produced in a variety of colours which can be blended just like paint, but it can also be sculpted, texturized, stamped, molded, drilled, twisted, squished...the possibilities are endless, limited only by the imagination of the artist! The wearer can be assured that every piece of finished work is truly one-of-a-kind.
Lyn has received international recognition for her work through two popular polymer clay blogs ‘Polymer Clay Daily’ & ‘The Daily Polymer Arts Blog’ and has also been recognized  as an ‘Emerging Artist’ in ‘The Polymer Arts’, a magazine focusing on artists who work in the medium.

Adornments by J

Timeless artisanal jewellery featuring intricate, multi-cultural motifs, created with fine silver, sterling silver, gold, bronze and semi-precious stones. 


 Linda Armstrong ( Ecolam) is a full-time fibre artist who works in felt and ecoprint making. Felt making is the oldest and first form of textile production created by rolling and pressing wool fibres with the application of moisture and heat.  Linda’s nuno felted garments incorporate the physical blending of vintage silks with merino dyed wool. Ecoprinting allows for Linda to connect with the world around her and the variables that 'mother nature' brings to the process. Ecoprinted works incorporate natural plant dyes, resulting in patterns, that echo a sense of time and place. Linda uses plants which are garden-grown or foraged locally with an emphasis on native North American plants. Her felted objects of art often include mixed fibres, beads and stone embellishments resulting in surprisingly colourful and textured works. 

Follow Linda @ecolamfibrearts and www.ecolamfibrearts.com

08 January, 2019

The Wearable Art Sale -Reprise

In honour of Juno Week in this fair city of London, we will be holding The Wearable Art Sale on the weekend of 15-17 March, 2019!

We have great talent here in London and with this show, we offer an opportunity for the buying public to recognize the artists we have right here.
We will be donating to My Sister’s Place to support programs offered to the women who attend the day programs.

Applications are still being considered.
Please see below for vendors and check back for the full lineup of vendors as they are added!.