11 March, 2019

Mary Mattar

Over the last decade, I have enjoyed the thrill of the chase, looking for beautiful old glass beads and crystals, especially hand made lamp beads from a past era.

Gradually, I learned how to reassemble them with complementary spacers and clasps. Bringing life to these beautiful things, brings so much pleasure to me.

I use magnetic clasps when suitable. This simplifies the task of putting on a necklace  when alone.

28 February, 2019

Klas Squared

 Klas Squared designs contemporary jewelry that combines femininity and power into wearable pieces for work, day and play. Each handcrafted piece is brought to life from a palette of Swarovski crystals and pearls, sterling silver and semiprecious stones.

12 February, 2019

Plumage by PaddyK

After years as a textile embellishment artist, I am pursuing a period of simplification. My designs have been edited down to a celebration of the essential. Easily recognizable but not effusive in their description.
I work with genuine leather and natural fibre fabrics to create wearable art pieces that are beautiful as well as useful. My handbag collections are inspired by aspects of life here in Canada, from our native flora and fauna to cultural movements and influences on our society.

Mary MacVoy

Jewellery inspired by the valuable investment of time and skill required by fine craftsmanship, and juxtaposed with bright colour and whimsy, Mary creates wearable miniature Art that celebrates Creativity and Uniqueness. 
Her materials include beads and other jewellery elements that she has handmade, such as micro-embroidered felted wool beads, lampwork glass beads, and her illustrations preserved under resin. 
These elements are used in jewellery pieces like earrings, pendants and bracelets.

04 February, 2019

Mary Louise White

Mary Louise White: 
Jewelry to bring light into your life.

Mary Louise  combines the hand of an artisan with the vision of an artist,
creating miniature works of art that embody beauty, love and joy.
Art to wear and share, and spread a little light.

Ardath Finnbogason-Hill- Ardath Unicreations

As a knitter, fashion designer, writer and painter,Ardath’s art has been evolving over many years as she experimented with fibres, textures, freeform design and colour blending.Her hand knitted garments are fanciful, and like her distinguishing unicorn logo, are mysteriously beautiful, seem to live forever and can be worn to dance on moon beams or for a stylish presence anywhere.

Her art has been influenced by her Icelandic heritage, her family ,her travels, living in creative community ,her many teachers and her own Spiritual journey.

Each wearable art piece created by Ardath tells a story, incorporating textures other than fibres.Each piece is as unique as the wearer and brings a sense of the wearer’s personal style.Each garment has been hand knitted using a blend of natural and synthetic fibres and is meant to embrace the energy of the person it enfolds. 

Her art has been displayed in numerous art shows in Ontario and Manitoba and her art is hung or worn in other countries. One commissioned piece was for the first female President of Iceland and depicted Mother Sea,Fire and Ice.

Ardath believes that we are all born with creative energy and her Feelings and Fibres ,creative process workshops provide a consistent message of empowerment as this creative energy is unlocked, remembered  or re-discovered by participants enrolled in her classes.

Ardath’s watercolour paintings include poetry and fibre and have become popular as reproductions in the form of greeting cards and prints for hanging.

It is a delight to be a part of this Wearable Art Show.

02 February, 2019

Mary Downs, Reunited Designs

I personally design and create every item in the Re/United Designs collection. Each fashion accessory is 100% handmade, up cycled, one-of-a-kind, and lovingly sourced from vintage finds; hence "everything old is new again".
I have always been passionate about making "something new from something old" and the related concepts of reusing and upcycling. Re/United Designs allows me to pursue these ideals and provides me with the perfect creative opportunity that I long for.

I launched my business in May 2014 and work from a studio in my London Ontario home.

And I love what I do every day!

28 January, 2019

Adornments by J

Timeless artisanal jewellery featuring intricate, multi-cultural motifs, created with fine silver, sterling silver, gold, bronze and semi-precious stones. 

08 January, 2019

The Wearable Art Sale -Reprise

In honour of Juno Week in this fair city of London, we will be holding The Wearable Art Sale on the weekend of 15-17 March, 2019!

We have great talent here in London and with this show, we offer an opportunity for the buying public to recognize the artists we have right here.
We will be donating to My Sister’s Place to support programs offered to the women who attend the day programs.

Applications are still being considered.
Please see below for vendors and check back for the full lineup of vendors as they are added!.