08 January, 2019

Plumage by PaddyK

The Wearable Art Sale -Reprise

In honour of Juno Week in this fair city of London, we will be holding The Wearable Art Sale on the weekend of 15-17 March, 2019!

We have great talent here in London and with this show, we offer an opportunity for the buying public to recognize the artists we have right here.
We will be donating to My Sister’s Place to support programs offered to the women who attend the day programs.

Applications are still being considered.
Please see below for vendors and check back for the full lineup of vendors as they are added!.

08 October, 2016

Mary Downs- Re-united Designs

I personally design and create every item in the Re/United Designs collection. Each fashion accessory is 100% handmade, up cycled, one-of-a-kind, and lovingly sourced from vintage finds; hence "everything old is new again".
I have always been passionate about making "something new from something old" and the related concepts of reusing and upcycling. Re/United Designs allows me to pursue these ideals and provides me with the perfect creative opportunity that I long for.
I launched my business in May 2014 and work from a studio in my London Ontario home.
And I love what I do every day!

08 September, 2016

Anna K

Message body

Jewellery is a great way to express your unique individuality.  
Anna K.’s Jewellery collection has the finest materials with Swarovski crystals, Venetian glass, sterling and Bali solid silver plus Gold filled metals.  These materials are coordinated and suspended to create a bit of dazzle and shimmer.. everything a lady needs in her life.  There is a pair or possibly two beautiful earrings waiting for you.

16 September, 2013

Wisdom Wraps by Ardath Finnbogason-Hill

 Ardath Finnbogason-Hill
As a creative processor, Ardath’s experimentation with fibres textures, colours and techniques has been evolving over many years. She believes that we are all creative Be-ings and she loves to experience the discovery of hidden talents with women who participate in her Feelings and Fibres workshops. Through the sharing of stories, experience, imagination, yarns and memories,beautiful art pieces are knit into existence.
Ardath’s knitted garments are fanciful and mysteriously beautiful. The imagery of art has been influenced by her Icelandic heritage, her readings, travels, her women’s circles and her own spiritual journey. Ardath’s creations have been displayed at numerous art shows. Her commissioned pieces are seen in several countries. One highlight was the creation of a Wrap entitled Fire Ice and Mother Sea for the first woman to become President of Iceland. In her imagery, there has been a consistent message of empowerment, guidance and reassurance.
Ardath creates art that tells a story...either from her own imagination or from her clients. Creative knitting, as a story telling process, will be experienced during the workshop series. Another of her recent artistic endeavours combines fi bre and poetry in water colour paintings. Her art is featured on cards, prints and posters.
She lives in London with her life partner and son.

01 December, 2010

Another Blog to Check Out

The Forest City Fashionista has several pictures of Patrons and Artisans from The Wearable Art Show on her blog. Have a look. She has a great eye!

07 November, 2009

Yet more pictures from the show

Bill Paul- The Town Crier
Cora Van Vugt
MoonWear and Cora
Laurent House of Fashion
Elan Knits

More pictures from the show

Jeanne-Marie Urbach
Linda Rupp- Adelaide Glass
Christopher Lake
Fran Whitney

Pictures from the show

Customize Your Life and RagBag of London
Jami Bujnowski Kawai
Paddy K and Magic Wear
Ardath Finnbogason-Hill

24 October, 2009