25 November, 2016

The Naughty Gypsy

The Naughty Gypsy - Alternative seamstress specializing in custom clothing and accessories. Fit & comfort matter. Your gender, size style or kink shouldn't!

Our philosophy is simple: Every. Body. Matters. 

We believe that everyone deserves to be comfortable in their own skin. The clothing you wear plays a big factor in how you feel about your body. Not only should it be comfortable, fit well and speak to your unique style, it should also enhance your confidence. 

It doesn't matter what size you are, what gender you call your own, what genre you like to dress in, or what your kink is. If your body feels comfortable and confident dressing a particular way that's all that matters! And it's just fine with us! 

We're here to help you look and feel your best; to accommodate the clothing needs of all interests, in a safe environment, without judgment and completely confidential. 

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