24 November, 2016

Sisters in Art

Sisters in Art
Jewellery and Paintings

Maureen has been making jewelry for about twenty years. She works with silver, semi-precious stones and clay. She is endlessly curious and hence ever exploring new techniques. Her work can be playful but is always elegant. While living in Toronto Maureen made jewelry to complement a line of clothing. She also developed a clientele of private customers for individual pieces.

Kathryn has been painting in acrylics for an equal amount of time. While living in British Columbia Kathryn exhibited in juried shows as well as hanging her art in shops, restaurants and with an interior designer. She often chooses florals because they permit an unparalleled exploration of colour. Recent work continues with a focus on colour and explores different topics. Finished work is currently in the U.S., the U.K. and Canada.

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